ASTM A516 Gr 70, 65, 60 Steel Plate Specification

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ASTM A516 is the standard specification for making pressure vessels (such as oil tanks), material in carbon steel for moderate and lower temperature services, it will improve the notch toughness of the steel during the welding work.

ASTM A516 Grade 70 - Common Use Grade

According to different strength levels,  it divides into four grades of 55/60/65/70, and Grade 70 material is the most used one.


Tensile Strength Ksi [MPa]

55 [380]


60 [415]


65 [450]


70 [485]


Maximum Thickness Limited

The maximum thickness of plates is limited only by the capacity of the composition to meet the specified mechanical property requirements. And for the plates that manufactured from coil and furnished without heat treatment or with stress relieving only,  the requirements and test results shall comply with A20/A20M. Coils are excluded from qualification to this specification until they are cutted into plates.


Maximum Thickness in. [mm]

55 [380]

12 [305]

60 [415]

8 [205]

65 [450]

8 [205]

70 [485]

8 [205]

Referenced Documents:

ASTM standards:

  • A20/A20M: General requirements of steel plates for pressure vessels and tanks
  • A435/A435M: Specification for straight-beam ultrasonic examination of steel plates
  • A577/A577M: For angle-beam ultrasonic examination of steel plates
  • A578/A578M: For straight-beam UT examniation of rolled plates for special applications

Materials and Manufacture Details for A516 Plates

The steel shall be killed and shall confirm to the fine austenitic grain size requirement of SPEC A20/A20M.

Heat Treatment

Plates in thickness of 40 mm [1.5 in] or under it normally supplied in as-rolled condition. In case require normalized or stress relieved shall be informed before the order.

Plates over 40 mm [1.5 in] thickness shall be normalized.

In case notch-toughness tests are required on plates 1.5 in [40 mm] and under this thickness, the plates shall be normalized unless otherwise specified by the purchaser.

Agreed by purchaser, cooling rates faster than cooling in air are permissible for improvement of the toughness, provided the plates are subsequently tempered in 1100 to 1300℉ [595 to 705 ℃].

ASTM A516 Grade 70, 65, 60 Material Data Sheet

Chemical Composition 

ASTM A516 GR 70 plates shall comply with the chemical requirements to below table 1, unless otherwise modified in accordance with S17 of Vacuum Carbon-Deoxidized Steel in A20/A20M.

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength and yield strength shall conform to below Table 2.

Our Supply Range:

Description: Carbon Steel ASTM A516 Grade 70, 65, 60, 55
Manufacturing Types: Hot Rolled
Thickness: 2mm to 150 mm
Width: 0.6m to 3m
Length: 6m, 12m, customized
Surface: Natural, Painted
Packing: Standard sea packing, bundled with streel strip.

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